This page exists so I could save and post my decades of drum/bass saves I built on my 1988 Yamaha RX-7 for others to enjoy practicing and jamming to.

Drums are left. Bass is right. I did this so I could individually EQ and balance into my PA. This also allows you to individually control and edit them separately.

Bass is half-step down. Eb. I apologize for this but that’s how I played them and I couldn’t edit every song I plan to upload. Try tuning half-step down. Or you can pull the song into music software that allows you to change the pitch. Since bass is on the right channel, that is pretty easy to do. Note that any song that has an additional instrument, it is going to be on the drum track. So if you change the bass key, you also need to change the drum track key to change the Brass, Orchestra, whatever. There aren’t many you would need to do this on.

EQ the bass. It will be very good if EQ’ed well. I recorded it straight through my Alesis EQ, the same way I always used it into my PA. I wanted to record the best raw file for others to use, that leaves the most flexibility for the end user. For the bass side only, push Bass up to 75%, Mids to 10%, and Highs to 20%, as a starting point. My recommendation is to download the mp3 and play with it in a free software program.

Always count to 4 with the hi-hat before starting. 😉